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What is average temperature of a horse?

Adult — 99.5 ℉ to 100.5 ℉
Foal — 99 ℉ to 102 ℉

What is normal heart rate of horse?

Adult — 30 bpm to 44 bpm
Foal — 70 bpm to 100 bpm

How do you take a pulse on a horse?

Learn how to take off of a facial artery.
Please ask Dr. Appel to show you.

What is normal respiration rate?

Adult — 12 to 20 breaths-per-minute
Foal — 20 to 40 breaths-per-minute

What should an emergency kit, at a minimum, have included in it?

Cotton bandages, vet wrap, Bute, Banamine, thermometer, saline solution.

What is the gestation for a mare?

Approximately 340 days. The average gestation length range from 320 to 362 days, most mares will foal within 330 to 345 days after breeding.

What is the heat cycle of a mare?

21 days from ovulation to ovulation.
They should be receptive to a stallion approximately 7 days. Mares will “shut down” usually around the end of October and will start back normally, around April 15. In order for mares to start cycling earlier for breeding purposes, you need to have them under lights for sixteen hours starting November 1.

What vaccinations need to be given yearly?

Rabies, West Nile, Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis (Sleeping Sickness), Tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis, and Influenza.

How often should a horse be de-wormed?

Depends on the fecal egg count of each horse. Normal practice is to de-worm three times per year. However, this could be incorrect without knowing what the horse really needs. An increased fecal egg count would indicate the horse may be needing a different program.

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