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Routine Preventive Care

In order to achieve optimum health for your equine athlete, routine de-worming and vaccination programs should be incorporated. We at Pheasant Ridge Equine recommend a semiyearly vaccination schedule consisting of:


Equine Encephalomyelitis (Sleeping Sickness)

Tetanus (Lockjaw)

Equine Herpesvirus (Rhino)

Equine Influenza (Flu)

West Nile


Equine Herpesvirus (Rhino) Booster

Equine Influenza (Flu) Booster


NOTE: Pregnant mares and newborn foals will require a different vaccination schedule.

In addition, a de-worming program should be created based on your horses needs and fecal egg count.


Dr. Dixon Appel specializes in equine reproductive services. Schedule an appointment today and let Dr. Appel create the best plan for your horse.

Services provided:

Ultrasound Exam for estrus cycle

Artificial Insemination with cooled or frozen semen

Ultrasound Exam to confirm pregnancy and heartbeat

Stallion collection for semen evaluation

Stallion collection for shipping

Pheasant Ridge Equine Clinic

Equine Dentistry

No two horses are the same, but they do all share a commonality. They need to visit the ‘dentist’ on a yearly basis.

Unlike humans, your horse’s teeth continue to be pushed out or are extruded. Furthermore, the circular motion that horses chew causes grinding on their teeth, which consequently can cause sharp points or hooks. Symptoms such as dropping food or mouth discomfort could be signs your horse needs to visit the vet. It is recommended to have a yearly dental exam to determine the condition of their teeth.

Dr. Dixon Appel specializes in numerous corrective dentistry treatments including floating, creating bit seats, wolf teeth removal, incisor realignment, minor extractions and more. If your horse is experiencing symptoms of mouth discomfort or it is time for their annual exam, please call our office today at 515.981.0082 to set up an appointment.

Prepurchase Exam

Are you looking to buy or sell a horse? Don’t forget to have a prepurchase exam done to ensure the horse is in ultimate health.

A prepurchase exam is designed to give the potential buyer an accurate picture of the horse to be purchased. Granted, it is only a snapshot in time and may not indicate problems down the road.

Pheasant Ridge Equine Clinic

During the exam, Dr. Appel will check for issues in the following areas:



Heart and Lungs



In addition, radiographs of the horses’ bones can be taken and are an important aspect of the exam. They will disclose any bone abnormalities that may help predict future issues.


X-Rays and Lameness

Lameness is one of the most crucial and most common problems seen in equine athletes today. Through radiography, we are typically able to pin-point and diagnose the issue at hand, allowing for a more accurate treatment. Dr. Dixon Appel uses a portable, digital x-ray machine so radiographs can be taken at your facility or at our clinic.

Through the use of radiographs, we are also able to detect abnormalities of the limbs, which can help prevent issues in the future.

Dr. Dixon Appel and the team at Pheasant Ridge Equine are dedicated to finding the best treatment for your horse’s lameness issue.

Please call our office today or send an email to: to set up an appointment.

Colic Treatment

Pain Therapy

Rectal Exam

Fluids as necessary

Pheasant Ridge Equine Clinic

Metabolic and Hormonal Disorders

Evaluation of Cushing's Disease

Insulin Resistance

Reproductive Behavior

This service would include blood work up and clinical exams.


Cranial and Spinal Nerve Evaluation

Blood Work


Drug Therapy

Pheasant Ridge Equine Clinic
Pheasant Ridge Equine Clinic

Ophthalmic Disorders

Corneal Staining

Pain Management

Antibiotic Therapy

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